Felice Varini is a Swiss born artist working from Paris. For over thirty years, he has been creating remarkable anamorphic installations around the world. In 2013 he created an artwork installation in London and Hangfast Vertical Engineering assisted in the installation.

For his first UK commission, Varini projected his geometric shapes over the facades over nine Victorian buildings around Granary Square with a vast PIGI camera specially transported from France, whilst Hangfast rope access technicians traced around the projected shapes with china pen. Reflective tape was cut to fit the outlined stenciled forms and fixed onto the surfaces.

At street level, the shapes seem to be randomly placed. But find your way to an observation point at the junction of King’s Boulevard and Goods Way, and the geometric forms magically come together. It’s only from this point that you can see the whole picture.

More from the artist himself and the installation here: